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AI-powered For Real-time Decisions

Industrial-grade Sensing Equipment

Automated Data Acquisition & Processing

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Your All-in-one Solution To Assess Plants Indoor

Our PhenoStation® solution is an all-in-one processing unit that integrates all your traits processing modules along with a lot of services in a single secured server that sit at your place, to ensure a flawless integration into your infrastructure and data management system. Quality check, traits processing, user interface & monitoring for traceability, API & integration & more… We also developed a real expertise at selecting the appropriate sensors & combine them to perform data fusion and extract always greater value from your system.

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Custom PhenoStation®

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Lab/Bench PhenoStation®

Vertical Farming PhenoStation®

PhenoStation® Is About Making Better Decisions

Measuring your product with cutting edge sensors plugged into PhenoStation® helps your operators to take better decisions within your plant. As Phenostation can send all the data collected in a minute into your own information system, you can have a real overview of what is happening in your business and take better decisions at a higher level. More than just a “photo-box”, all Phenostation comes with a set of services to ensure best quality, every day, and in the long term.

Measuring Valuable Traits To Boost Your Activity

An Array Of Premium Services Included As Standard

On-site Processing

User-friendly Dashboards


Outstanding Assessments At Your Fingertips With PhenoStation®

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High-throughput Phenotyping Adds More Value To Indoor Ag Research & Production

Results & Decisions

Get instant results thanks to systems & data processing that are perfectly intergrated in your workflow & facility design.

Improved Through Time

Phenotype more thanks to high-throughput solutions, and collect harvest-wide data every campaigns to compare product quality.

Of The Data

Don’t lose your data anymore due to wet pages or lost notebooks! And make multi-site comparison.

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